A lonely figure rides his handcar through the desert. He hauls his precious jug of water. Ominous memories of oil pumping continually haunt him. Shot with a hand-cranked camera, Pumping collapses time, as it contemplates big industry and our relationships with finite resources.

6’28”.  2011. Surround sound or stereo.  16mm film transferred to HD video.  16:9.  1080P/23.976.


Official selection of the 2015 Goa Short Film Festival (Kothrud Pune, India), the 2015 Ahmednagar International Short Film Festival (Ahmednagar, India), the 2014 Kanyakumari International Film Festival (Kanyakumari, India), the 2014 Pune Short Film Festival (Kothrud Pune, India), the 2014 IMA International Film Festival (Thrissur, India), the 2014 Transition Town Totnes Film Festival (Totnes, England), the 2012 Atlanta Film Festival, and Louisville’s International Festival of Film (2011)

There is also an installation version of Pumping. Find out more about Pumping and Joel Tauber: https://joeltauber.com/pumping/